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All You Need to Know About Dating Older Women

There is a stereotype that most guys are only attracted to young girls, while men who like older women are nearly impossible to find. In reality, there are much more men dating older women than you can imagine. These couples can be everywhere around you, but they are not easy to spot, because older women are remarkably good at looking fabulous. Check out our complete guide on dating cougars and improve your love life!

Why do younger men like older women?

Before we move on to the countless benefits of being in a relationship with a mature lady, let’s get one thing out of the way: why would a younger man be attracted to an older woman when there are hundreds of young ladies willing to be his girlfriend?. The answer is simple: an older woman knows exactly what she wants in life and from a romantic relationship, and she knows how to get it. With older women dating, younger men get to build a strong relationship with an equal or even allow the woman to take control. Now that you know what makes so many men date cougars, there is one more question left unanswered: “Do older women like younger men?” The truth is that women over 40 are known for their love for guys who are 10 and more years younger. They love the energy and enthusiasm of younger men, and they also like being put in charge of the relationship.

5 benefits of dating an older woman

The confidence and stability a man can only experience in a relationship with a cougar are just a small part of what makes an older woman so attractive to less experienced men. Still wondering why do younger men like older women? Here are 5 biggest benefits of dating an older woman.
  • Older women are a pleasure to talk to. When preparing for a date with her, you won’t need to frantically research how to talk to an older woman — she will often take the conversation into her own hands and have smart and witty responses to anything you have to say.
  • In most cases, an older woman is more financially stable. She has had to be her own provider for years and she likely has a satisfying career. Not only does it mean that she won’t turn out to be a golddigger or expect incredibly expensive presents all the time, but she’ll also pick up the dinner check once in a while!
  • Older women won’t pressure you into anything. If she has already been married, she may not be in a rush to do it again, unlike a 20-something girl. If an older woman already has kids or decided that having children is not for her, she won’t insist on starting a family with you immediately.
  • When it comes to dating, older women are much more relaxed and drama-free than their younger counterparts. These women will happily keep your relationship on the down-low, let you go out with your friends whenever you want to, and not keep you on the edge of your seat with constant demands and nagging.
  • Older women are more experienced in every aspect of the relationship, and that includes the physical relationship as well. There is no going around it — the older a woman is, the better in bed she becomes and the more she can teach you.

Best tips for dating an older woman

Before you log on to dating older women sites in a search for your ideal woman, here are some things you need to know:
  1. Despite their age and many commitments, mature women love trying new things and spending time doing various activities. She’ll be fine with sitting and watching TV with you for a couple of nights a week, but she also needs to experience new, exciting things. Spontaneous dates, doing sports, surprise weekend vacations, hikes, classes to take together are just some of the ways to add more spark to your relationship.
  2. Your date may be old enough to be your mother, but it doesn’t mean you should treat her like one! All she wants is an equal partner, so make sure you can bring enough to the table without relying on her too much. You being needy and inept will likely turn her away from you sooner or later.
  3. An older woman is always prepared to talk about her feelings and voice her concerns, and you need to respect that part of her personality. It’s actually a very good thing, since you will be able to know what’s wrong immediately and not after a week or two.
  4. In order for your relationship to be satisfying for both parties, you both need to know that you are looking for the same things. For example, if she has children and you want a serious relationship, you need to be ready to be somewhat present in their life as a family. If you want kids of your own, ask your partner if she sees herself as a mother again.
  5. No matter what your age difference may be, she won’t like constantly being reminded about it. She clearly understands that she’s the older one in this relationship and she may even joke about it once in a while, but dating experts don’t recommend calling her a cougar or an older woman. Treat her like you would treat a partner of the same age as you!

Summing up

Even if you have never had an older girlfriend before, the thought of dating a mature woman has likely visited you at least once. By now you are likely convinced that being in a relationship with a cougar is one of the best things that can happen to a man, so if you’re single, don’t miss the opportunity to get some thrill in your life!

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