how to tell if a girl likes you

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

In popular media like movies and men’s magazines, women are often portrayed as mysterious creatures who are nearly impossible to decipher. Men spend lots of time trying to interpret a girl’s signals to find out about her true feelings and intentions. However, this amount of hard work may not be necessary at all if you are able to tell when a girl likes you. There are many reasons why men are constantly looking for signs a girl likes you. Some simply want to know the girl’s psyche better, while others are tired of waiting for the girls to make the first move and want to know who is a good candidate for being their girlfriend. Still, for many men, the biggest reason for wanting to know if a girl likes you is the fear of rejection. Most guys don’t react to being rejected very well, and when it happens more than once, they will be less and less likely to reach out to girls out of fear of being turned down again. That is exactly why we created this complete guide on how to know if a girl is interested in you. Check out these signs, look for them in the girls you meet, and avoid the crushing feeling of being rejected by a girl you like.

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17 Signs that she’s into you

There are dozens of ways to answer the question “How to tell if a girl likes you?”, but most of them can be divided into two categories: verbal and non-verbal signs of her attraction to you. In our guide, we are going to focus on both.

1. You get quick replies

In this day and age, most of the communication between a guy and a girl happens online. That is why it’s not surprising that there is a whole etiquette when it comes to messaging each other online. If a girl is interested in you, she will never make you wait for her next reply. She will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible, so that you don’t lose interest after waiting for too long. Make sure to reciprocate her openness and also be quick to reply to the girl you like! There is, however, one catch. Both men and women these days are often scared of looking too keen when they are texting. They will wait for hours or even days before replying to a message. If a girl displays this behavior, try answering her texts as soon as possible and see if she changes her reply speed. If not, asking a direct question certainly won’t hurt.

2. The conversation is perfect

For many couples, the first few real-life conversations can be challenging. There are awkward pauses, misunderstood jokes, and a variety of other small things that can make both parties feel rather uncomfortable. If these things happen on your date, don’t get upset yet — most couples are able to get through the initial awkwardness and build a healthy, loving relationship. However, sometimes it feels like there is no awkwardness or confusion at all. You meet for a dinner at a restaurant, but then you suggest going for a couple of drinks and she happily accepts your offer. You spend several hours together and don’t want to let her go, but how does she feel? If the conversation between you and your date is flowing and it feels like you two have known each other for ages, there is no point in asking yourself “Does she like me?”, because the answer is quite obvious. There is clearly a lot of mutual attraction, which means you can already set up the next date!

3. She laughs and smiles constantly

Smile and laughter are among the most natural human reactions and they are nearly impossible to fake without the other party knowing. You can instantly tell that a girl has feelings for you if she can’t contain her laughter or smiles all the time. This sign of a girl’s attraction is particularly useful if you haven’t spent too much time alone yet but are already seemingly interested in each other. If you haven’t considered yourself the most hilarious storyteller, but suddenly you are hanging out with a group of friends and she laughs at every little thing you say, rest assured that the attraction is definitely there. If you are sitting in one room with other people present and she often meets your eyes and smiles slightly, this is also a very telling sign of her feelings for you. Finally if she is not only quick to reply to your texts, but also often reacts with laughing emojis, this is also a modern way of telling that a girl likes you.

4. She reveals personal information

There are many topics you can discuss with a girl without any mutual attraction at all. Conversations about favorite movies, TV shows, books, college or work are something you can have with any of your friends or girls you are not romantically interested in. When a girl clearly likes you, she will initiate more personal discussions. For example, soon after meeting her, you can already know a lot about her family, friends, or even past relationships and goals for the future. If she is willing to disclose that information, you can definitely consider her to be very interested in you romantically. However, it’s worth noting that not everyone is comfortable discussing sensitive topics early into a relationship. If she doesn’t initiate those talks on her own, try asking some of the more personal questions and see if she is willing to answer them honestly, which is a big giveaway of her true feelings, or if she is quick to change the topic.

5. She is a great listener

A conversation between a man and a woman is a two-way street, and if all she wants to talk about is herself, it likely means that she is not only not interested in you, but is self-obsessed and possibly a narcissist. That’s not a great start for any relationship. A woman who likes you will listen to every word you say. She will ask follow-up questions, react to your stories with various facial expressions, and always encourage you to talk more. That is how you know she wants to get to know you better. If you have found a woman who is clearly interested in you, make sure you don’t hold anything back. Giving vague, one-word answers to her questions will soon make her disinterested and you will quickly lose a chance of bonding with her and possibly building a relationship.

6. She touches you a lot

Long before you move on to kissing and other physical interactions, there will always be at least some intimacy even at the early stages of the relationship. A girl who likes you will not be able to resist touching you, and that’s exactly how you can tell she’s interested. These touches can range from anything from an “accidental” brush up with a shoulder to fixing your hair or clothes. Thes touches are not sexual in any way, but they are exactly what separates a friendly acquaintance from a potential boyfriend for a typical girl. Playful hits are another common type of physical contact at the beginning of the relationship. Finally, if you already know each other — for example, belong to the same study group — she will often try to steal a hug at the end of the day or when something great happens. Be sure not to miss those little signs of affection!

7. She told her friends about you

If you are taking a nice walk outside and come across some of her friends, you may notice the friends behaving weirdly around you. They may be exchanging knowing glances, smiling coyly, or trying to give you and the girl some alone time. If any of that happens while you two are together, you can rest assured that the girl has told everyone around her about you. And when girls do that, at the very least it means that she is interested and would like to see where this relationship is going. In case her friends already know who you are and that there are feelings between you and the girl, you can actually cooperate with them to your advantage! If you are relatively close to at least one of them, try to find out more about the girl, what she likes, and what she is looking for in a relationship.

8. She mimics your behavior

So how to know if a girl likes you when you’re spending a lot of time one on one? One of the most telling signs that adores you is when she starts mirroring your movements and behavior. This is actually true not only for romantic relationship, but also for all types of connection between people. When we admire someone, we instinctively try to look and behave like them. These signs may be very subtle — for example, a girl starts using one of your favorite words or catchphrases. She can also mimic your movements — for example, the way you change the position of your legs while sitting. However, this mirroring can also take more noticeable forms, when the girl gets the same pair of sneakers or beanie as you are wearing or admits that she adopted one of your interests — for example, started listening to your favorite band.

9. She wants to know about your personal life

Girls are afraid of being rejected too, which is why one of the first things she’ll want to know when she starts getting interested in you is whether you are taken. Of course, if she goes on social media in an attempt to find out if you have a girlfriend, you may not even know she is curious. However, most girls still prefer to get answers to their questions person-to-person. In many cases, she will ask directly if you are currently single. If she doesn’t want to look too straightforward, she will use indirect queries like mentioning your non-existent girlfriend and hoping for you to say that there is no girlfriend on the horizon. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of courage for a girl to ask these questions. If you are single and interested in a relationship with her, always let her know that you are open to an idea to getting to know her better.

10. She acts nervous when she sees you

When it comes to signs she likes you, body language is one of the first things you need to check. Girls can control what they are saying around you, but they cannot control their body language. One of the most telling signs that a girl is infatuated with you is when she constantly licks her lips as if she is nervous all the time. A nervous giggle is another sign you should look out for. When you are talking to the girl you are interested in romantically, make sure to often check her skin. If a girl is infatuated with you and can’t hide it, she will regularly blush when she is around you. Finally, if you notice the girl getting more clumsy as you start spending more time together, consider it to be one of the signs she likes you — body language never lies, and you probably also express your affection through it without even noticing!

11. She always tries to see you

If you study or work together, or hang out in the same social circle, you can instantly notice when a girl you are interested in likes you back. She will always look for opportunities to spend more time with you. The situations where she’ll want to see you more can be different. For students, it can be a group assignment or an extracurricular activity you have both signed up for. In the workplace, she will always try to get on the same project as you are assigned to. Even when you simply spend time in a group of friends, she will look for a chance to stay close to you. Whether it’s staying for another drink after everyone leaves or finding a spot close to you at a party, her presence is a dead giveaway that she considers you to be a potential partner.

12. She reveals her other sides

Most of us have a certain image that we try to maintain in a professional setting and even in a friendly circle, allowing only the closest friends and romantic partners to see our other, vulnerable side. If a girl allows you to see the side of her she doesn’t reveal to anyone else, consider it a huge sign of her affection. This other side can mean anything in the world. For example, a girl can have an odd natural laugh, be the biggest comic book nerd, or have some questionable songs on her playlist. If she is happy to share that information with you, there is a 100% chance she is interested in you. These odd bits of information can lay the foundation for a great relationship. Through them, you can find shared interests, discover a new mutual hobby, and while you’re exploring it, your romance will grow stronger too.

13. She makes plans with you

Long before you actually go on your first date as a couple, there is an easy way to tell if your relationship has a future. If she actively plans your life with you as a participant, it means that she envisions at least some sort of a relationship with you. These plans can include even something as minor as meeting in the office cafeteria for lunch the next day to discuss a new episode of your favorite TV show that is coming out today. An even more telling sign that a girl likes you is when she makes long term plans like visiting a festival or waiting for the release of a new book by a popular author to discuss it later. Witnessing this kind of behavior from a girl you like is awesome for two reasons. First, you clearly understand that she is interested in you enough to include you in her immediate life plans. Second, you realize that she’s the kind of girl who will not hesitate to take a matter into her own hands when there is something that she wants.

14. She includes you on her social media

It’s one thing to hang out privately, even if you are having a lovely time, but it’s completely different when she makes her relationship with you Instagram or Facebook-official. Even if you currently consider each other to be friends, this move is a sign that she may want more. Just imagine how many people will get to know about you if she posts a selfie with you and tags you in her post. Online and real-life friends, coworkers, even family members — everyone will know who you are! For a modern girl, there is a lot at stake when it comes to social media. To her, an Instagram or Facebook profile is an important way to present herself to the world. That is why she will never let a random person into her social media, and you should actually consider this an honour!

15. She makes an effort for you

If you are romantically interested in a girl who always looks her best with gorgeous clothes and striking makeup, this sign may not be that visible to you. However, it’s a different story when she is used to looking super casual in her daily life. In case you have fallen for a girl who styles her hair into a messy bun, wears minimal to no makeup, and prefers jeans and sneakers to dresses and pumps, you may soon notice a change in her everyday style. These changes can include anything from more flattering clothes and fresh nail art to tasteful makeup and beautiful footwear. Of course, there is no 100% guarantee that her change in style was triggered by you, but it’s also not likely to be a complete coincidence!

16. She makes you her #1 priority

A girl who is infatuated with a guy will always let it show, if not with words, then with actions. No matter how much time you get to spend together, she will always make sure to let you know she is focused on you. You can notice it when you are alone — while she’s talking to you or you enjoy some activity together, she will never pull out her phone and start texting someone else or open her social media. Even when you are hanging out in a group of friends, she will make every effort to put the focus on you. She will try to stay by your side, listen to every word you say, and possibly even abandon her friends if they have different plans.

17. She makes little gestures

At the early stages of the relationship, it’s all about the little details. No one expect some grand plans or expensive presents when it’s not even clear if you are a couple yet. However, these little details will always tell you that she is clearly into you. For example, if she remembered you take your coffee with two sugars and cream, next time she may be waiting for you in your favorite spot with coffee made exactly the way you like it. If your birthday is coming up, she may not show up with a brand new Apple Watch or a pair of Yeezy sneakers. Instead, she will bring a homemade birthday card or a tiny, inexpensive gift that you mentioned wanting in the past. With little but effective gestures like these ones, it’s very easy to tell that a girl wants to be with you!


Clearly, the attraction between humans is very complex and multi-dimensional. These 17 signs of a girl’s affection are very common, but there is still a chance that you won’t witness them even after learning that a girl likes you. Always stay alert to all kinds of signs and unusual behavior from a girl you are interested in, and a healthy, happy relationship won’t keep you waiting.

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