Pros And Cons Of Dating Russian Girls

If there is one nation where women are known for their mesmerizing beauty and amazing character, it’s Russia. Dating a Russian girl has become one of the newest trends among Western men of all ages. While your experience dating a girl from Russia will be full of pleasant surprises and beautiful memories, there are also some things you need to know in order to have a successful relationship with a Russian girl.

Who is a typical Russian girl?

There are hundreds of myths surrounding girls from Russia who seek a relationship with a man from overseas. Some say that these ladies are mostly gold diggers, waiting to scam poor unassuming men and take their money. Others believe that Russian girls are so desperate to move out of their country that they are prepared to date anyone and accept even the most questionable treatment.   Another popular myth is that Slavic girls are shallow and concerned only about their appearance. So what is the truth? Is a typical Russian girl really as shallow and focused on the material side of the relationship? Let’s find out what girls from Russia are really like!

Family Values

A typical Slavic girl is born into an intelligent family. From a very young age, she is brought up with a strong appreciation for family ties. These girls grow up with outstanding education starting from kindergarten and until they receive at least one University degree. Moreover, since the girls spend most of their time with their mothers and grandmothers while the father is at work, they learn to be fantastic homemakers. Their cooking, cleaning, and other household skills are second to none! If you marry one of the Russian girls, you will never be tempted to eat takeout or frozen foods again, since the food at your home will be worthy of Michelin-star chefs. And trust us — when your girlfriend throws a party for your friends and family, everyone is going to be very impressed!

Natural Beauty

Another thing that is always said about girls from Russia is that they are unbelievably beautiful. It’s actually the one stereotype everyone can agree upon!   Slavic girls are definitely among the prettiest ones on the planet. They are naturally gorgeous and don’t need any heavy makeup, revealing clothes, or invasive beauty procedures to let it show. Plus, they will never let their man see them unprepared, at least early in the relationship. One of the first things you’ll learn when dating a young Russian woman is that they always have serious intentions. They will be fine with just dating for a while, but if you do not eventually intend to marry her and start a family together, this behavior can be viewed as wasting the girl’s time. So how to date a Russian girl to make you both happy? You can find lots of tips on dating a Russian girl online, but if you want a short answer, then simply be sincere, caring, open-minded, and willing to make her the happiest woman on the planet.

Pros of dating Russian girls

If there weren’t any benefits to being in a relationship with a girl from Russia, thousands of men from Western countries wouldn’t go to this distant country in a search for their ideal partner. Here are the biggest pros of dating a Russian girl:
  • Russian girls have lots of love in their hearts and they are prepared to shower it all on you.
Since they are not particularly used to casual dating and are usually looking for a serious relationship, they haven’t wasted any of that love. When they really start falling for you, you will finally experience what it’s like to be loved unconditionally. Thanks to this dating outlook, these ladies will sometimes even forgive your minor flaws if you are willing to do the same for her.  
  • Slavic women are famously independent.
Due to a variety of factors, including the fact that there are simply not enough reliable men, these girls are used to depending only on themselves. Sure, they want to be in a relationship where they can feel protected and cherished by a man. But until then they certainly learn how to be their own source of financial and emotional support. While some girls will be more than happy to become a housewife, you need to be prepared for your girlfriend wanting a job and income of her own.
  • Family is the number one priority for every Russian girl you meet on a dating website or in person.
Whether they grew up in a big loving family or were raised by a single parent, they dream of the day when they have their own family. Of course, fidelity is not an issue with a Russian girlfriend or wife. It is simply not in their mindset to cheat or even consider cheating. If you want a girlfriend that will always be faithful, a Russian lady should be your top choice.
  • Russian girls are fiercely intelligent.
Contrary to a popular belief, these ladies are thoroughly educated. In addition to state education, they also visit additional classes in music, dance, sports, drama, literature, crafts, or even more specific fields. Plus, young women in Russia are fond of reading. They will be able to maintain any conversation and you will never be ashamed of your girlfriend talking nonsense in public.
  • Unlike girls from your own country, who mostly keep their feelings to themselves, a girlfriend from Russia will surprise you at first with her honesty.
She will always tell it like it is, whether it’s good or bad. When you do something that upsets her, she will not hesitate to tell you what exactly you did wrong. However, when she is filled with joy and love for you, she will also make sure to let you know.
  • Girls from Russia and incredibly feminine.
These ladies gladly embrace their feminine side, which is one of the things that make them better girlfriends and wives than women from your own country. Although they are not opposed to feminist ideas in general, they never go overboard. They love men who pick up the bill for the dinner, make beautiful gestures, and act like real men in any situation. In return, Russian girls will surround you with the kind of care only feminine women are capable of.

Cons of dating Russian girls

Like most good things in life, being in a relationship with a woman from Russia can have its drawbacks. However, if you are determined to make it work, you will find a way to neutralize them. Here are the most common cons of dating a Russian beauty:
  • Until you are ready to propose and invite your Russian girlfriend to live with you, you will need to maintain a long distance relationship with occasional visits to Russia.
This period in your relationship comes with the usual drawbacks of long-distance dating: expensive travels, long times without talking, a difference in time zones, and sometimes even suspicions when you can’t get in touch with your partner for hours. The easy solution to this problem is to speed up the progress of the relationship. If you’re confident she’s the one, don’t lose any valuable time before creating a family with her.
  • In most cases, you will face a language barrier.
Even though Russian schoolchildren study English for years, the average level of English in Russia is not sufficient to maintain a thoughtful conversation. When using an online dating platform, you can request the services of a translator. However, when you’re planning to make your relationship more serious, you will either need to learn Russian or encourage your girlfriend to improve her knowledge of English.
  • Another thing you need to be ready for is possible cultural differences.
You and your future girlfriend grew up in completely different parts of the world. You watched different cartoons when growing up, read different books, watched different movies and TV shows, and admired different celebrities. Your parents brought you up in completely different ways. While catching up on each other’s cultural outlook can be a lot of fun, it may take quite a long time for both of you to get comfortable enough with each other’s views.
  • Russian girls can be quite reserved and even perceived as cold.
While the truth is that they are far from cold, it can definitely seem so at first. Until the girl gets comfortable around you, she may not display her charm, humor, or lighthearted attitude too much. She may also not react to your jokes and hints the way you expect. But that only happens at the early stages of the relationship. When you two are officially a couple, your woman’s personality will finally reveal itself to be as bright and sincere as you’d hoped.   Despite the occasional drawbacks, the popularity of ladies from Russia as potential girlfriends, brides, and wives continues to grow. We are convinced that every Western man can have a happy ending with a Slavic girl, so all that is left for you to do is find your perfect match!

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