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Estonia is a country that is often overlooked, not just in terms of mail order brides, but also in more general terms. However, we believe that is nothing more than an oversight, as Estonia has plenty to offer to the world, including its gorgeous Estonia mail order brides. Even though Estonia is rather economically well-off, at least when compared to some Eastern European countries, there are thousands of Estonia women who cannot wait to get married to a foreigner. For them, marriage abroad is more about romance and love than solving their financial issues. So why exactly is it hard for Western men to resist the charms of Estonian brides? Here is everything you need to know about Estonian women for marriage. estonian women

What makes Estonian brides so popular among men?

If you have little to no knowledge about women in Estonia and the country itself, you are in for many surprises. These are the five qualities that make Estonian girls some of the most desirable brides in Europe.


One of the most common bits of trivia about Estonia you hear all the time is the fact that this tiny Baltic country has the highest number of models per capita. This fact alone should already give you a pretty good idea why so many men are incredibly attracted to Estonian brides.   The appearance of Estonian women is impossible to describe in a few words or even sentences. You are probably picturing an Estonian girl as a tall, lean, blonde beauty. We are happy to say that you are not too far from the truth. Most Estonian brides look exactly like that, although recently they have started to experiment more with their hair colours. The style of women in Estonia is another reason why these ladies look so fantastic both in photos and in person. Their perfect physique and natural fashion sense help them pick the best outfits for any occasion. They dress perfectly appropriate when they go to work or on a date, but when the occasion is truly special, you can rest assured your Estonian soulmate will be the belle of the ball. We cannot finish describing the appearance of Estonian women without saying a couple of words about their use of makeup. Most women right now are divided into two camps: one almost never uses makeup and prefers to go out completely barefaced, and the other has an hour-long makeup routine they do every day. The good news is that Estonian girls don’t belong to either of those camps. Their natural facial features are very mild, so they will use makeup to make them more pronounced, but they will never go overboard. No matter where you go, you will be proud of the way your girl looks.  

Family values

If you are ready to settle down, you clearly want to find a soulmate who shares your views on family. Unfortunately, that is not an easy feat with the women in your home country, who are probably more focused on their career and having fun than starting a family. This is what makes Estonia girls such a popular choice among men who are looking for a serious relationship and marriage. It seems like from a very young age, these girls dream about their future happy families and beloved husbands. estonia women Estonian brides have a rather traditional image of a perfect family. For them, the best family setup is when the husband provides for the family while the woman is busy around the house, raising children, and doing hobbies.   Some Estonian brides will still want to keep their jobs and are equally invested in their family lives and careers, but even then your wife will find a way to take excellent care of everyone in the family without making any sacrifices.


It doesn’t matter if you are just getting to know your Estonian beauty or you have spent several happy years with her; modesty is one of the most noticeable features in the character of an Estonian bride. You will never see a proper Estonian girl dancing on the table in a night club, drinking in the street, or using vulgar slang in her speech. These women are well-raised and well-behaved in any situation, which makes marriage to them such a pleasant experience. At the same time, an Estonian woman will gladly open up to a man she is seriously interested in. If you think that wooing an Estonian girl is a lot of hard work, we can assure you that once you break the ice and show your true intentions, you will enjoy every second spent with your bride from Estonia. Keep in mind that along with being very traditional in their views on love and romance, Estonia women also prefer the classic gender roles in a relationship. It means that if you want your relationship to move forward, you need to take the lead and behave like a gentleman 100% of the time.

Homemaking skills

Many Estonian girls grew up in families where the mother either stayed at home or worked part-time to be able to do the housework and keep the family home tidy and cozy. Estonian brides adopted the same mentality and now they are true pros when it comes to homemaking. For an Estonian beauty, tidying up, cleaning, and decorating the house is far from being a chore. It’s a way to make the house look and feel absolutely perfect both for the people living in it and visiting. estonian girls An especially famous skill of Estonian ladies is their cooking ability. Women in Estonia view cooking as a way to take even better care of the family. By cooking your favorite meals, an Estonian wife makes sure you cannot wait to come home every day. If you have never heard of the Estonian delicacies like various soups, smoked fish, and rye bread, you will have lots of chances to get acquainted with it.


We have talked earlier about the fact that Estonian women love getting taken care of and wooed by a man in a relationship, but you should never, even for a second, think that your Estonian partner is not capable of doing everything on her own. The tumultuous history and harsh weather conditions made Estonian girls some of the most resilient, self-sufficient women in Europe. They may seem mild-mannered and calm, but if there is any crisis that needs their attention, they are prepared to do whatever it takes to resolve it. For your relationship and marriage, it means that you will have an equal partner rather than a girl that needs to be constantly pampered. Your woman will stand with you through the good and the bad and offer as much support and help as she is capable of.

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How are they different from Russian brides?

Estonia and Russia are rather similar geographically and have a lot of shared history, but it would be a mistake to think that Russian and Estonian mail order brides are completely the same. One of the biggest differences between these two kinds of brides is that Estonian women have a European mindset. They are much closer to you culturally, and since most girls in Estonia know English at an excellent level, there will hardly be any language barrier.   Estonian women are also much more reserved than their Russian counterparts. Many Russian ladies prefer to take a proactive approach when it comes to dating and marriage. If you prefer to make the first step and generally lead the relationship, then an Estonian bride can be your ideal spouse.

Where to find Estonian brides

Estonia is such a small country that you are very unlikely to ever meet any Estonian girls in your own city or town. They are not the biggest fans of traveling to exotic locations, which means that accidentally bumping into an Estonian beauty on vacation and finding a partner for life right there is very unlikely. If you are looking for the fastest, most financially smart way to meet Estonian brides with fantastic efficiency, your best option is one of the numerous international dating websites offering to connect you to European brides. There you will find thousands of young women of Estonia who have made the most important decision to look for a foreign husband. These ladies are good-looking, family-oriented, and, most importantly, they are highly motivated to get married and move abroad, so you won’t have any problem convincing any of them to consider you as their potential husband.


The journey to marital bliss with an Estonian bride can not always be easy and smooth. That is why we are determined to help you find your future wife with maximum safety and efficiency. With our honest dating site reviews, dating guides and tips, and detailed introductions to European brides, you will enjoy a happily married life sooner than you think.
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