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Why Russian Women are Beautiful?

People around the world have different opinions on Russia and its politics, but everyone can agree on at least one thing: Russian women are some of the most gorgeous and charming ladies you can find on the planet. Here is everything you need to know before you decide to date them. One of the first things you notice about women in Russia is their beauty. We see it all the time in movies and magazines, but you can only fully experience the famous Slavic beauty when you meet one of the gorgeous  Russian women in person. The main reason why they are so attractive is that Russia is a very ethnically diverse country. We are used to imagining a hot Russian woman as someone with long blonde hair, fair skin, mild facial features, and a sleek figure. However, there are all kinds of beauty you can discover in local women. Different hair colors, body types, skin tones, and even ethnicities will help you find the ideal Russian woman for you.

Reasons to Date or not to Date Russian Women

Dating a Russian is one of the most satisfying and memorable experiences in any man’s life, but there are some things you need to know before the relationship begins in order to decide whether you truly want it, or Russian women dating is just not really for you.

They are extremely beautiful

The beauty of your woman is probably one of the biggest reasons why you begin dating her in the first place, but you should remember that you will not be the only one noticing her gorgeous appearance. Any time you go out with your Russian woman, you should be prepared for the constant attention she will be getting from everyone the two of you meet. The women will feel jealous of her beauty, and the men will not even try to hide their stunned reaction to her look. If you think you can handle it, then dating a Russian lady should be right up your street. And the great thing about the beauty of Russians is that they manage to look that way much longer than their Western counterparts. They invest a lot of effort into maintaining the beauty of their faces and the shape of their bodies. Consequently, you can expect your Russian woman to look as good in her 40s as she did in her 20s and 30s.

Russian women are very serious about relationships

If you have plenty of dating experience with local Western ladies, you may be used to the concept of casual dating that doesn’t really lead to anything. But for Russian women, dating is not a fling she will happily end after a month or two before moving on to another guy. When a Russian woman chooses a man she wants to be with, she is looking forward to exclusive dating with the prospect of getting married and starting a family. She is prepared to go all-in with a new relationship, but she also needs to know you are looking for the same things in life. It is very cruel to lead a Russian woman on if you only have a casual fling on your mind. Russians make the best wives and mothers, so if you are ready for the next chapter in your life, you will not find anyone better for a serious relationship than a Russian woman.

You will have to surprise her

The important thing to remember when dating Russian women is that you always need to find new ways to impress your woman. From an unexpected weekend trip to a beautiful location to surprising her with a visit to her home city — there are many ways to keep the spark alive in a relationship with a Russian woman. And, of course, we cannot state the importance of gifts enough when you are dating a Russian. These women love being pampered, and while they are delighted to get an expensive gift like the latest smartphone or designer perfume, they will also appreciate a nice bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates once in a while.

Russian women respect strength

Russian women are nothing like the emancipated Western women who like to take the lead in the relationship. A Russian woman is ready to hand the reins in the relationship to her man, and you need to be up for the challenge. Russian ladies will never compete with you for the leading position in a relationship or marriage, but they need to know you are strong enough to handle being the leader in the family. She will expect you to handle the day-to-day aspects of your life together, as well as help the family get through the most difficult times. In return, your Russian woman will give you all the love, care, and support you need to succeed in life.

Relationship with a Russian woman

If you have never closely communicated with any Russian people before, let alone been in a relationship with a Russian woman, you may be lost when it comes to the expectations from your future relationship. Here are a few things you can expect from your romance with her:
  • Family plays an important role in her life and she will want you to become friendly with her family too. It’s not as serious as in some Asian countries where you need to get the family’s approval before dating or marrying the woman, but they still need to accept you as the future member of the family.
  • A Russian woman loves going out. While you can find plenty of homebodies among Russians who would rather stay at home with their man and watch some TV, the majority  of them prefer to spend their free time having fun. Night clubs, restaurants, and parties at friends’ houses are just some of the things you should prepare for when dating a Russian woman.
  • They respect gender roles. Millions of women in Russia are successful workers and business owners, but they will never hesitate giving up their jobs if it interferes with their personal happiness. You need to be ready to assume the role of a sole breadwinner in the family in case your Russian woman eventually needs to quit her job to spend time with the family.


The popularity of Russian women as dates and wives continues to grow around the world. Marrying a pretty Russian woman is the ultimate goal for thousands of Western men, and after learning about their qualities and advantages, it’s easy to see why Russians make such coveted partners, brides, and wives.

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