Romance Compass Review

After spending a long time at Romance Compass, we can confirm it’s a legit and secure website. It’s modern, safe, convenient, and everything you can expect from a website like this.

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Visits today: visits 1211
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Our Verdict On Romance Compass

img Interface star 6.4
img Audience star 5.0
img Prices star 5.3
img Safety star 6.0


Our experience with Romance Compass has been very positive and there is nothing we would like to change about the website. The user interface is clear and convenient; the search function is extensive and allows you to choose even the most minor parameters of your perfect match; and the women are easy to talk to and get to know. If you are determined to find a Russian or Ukrainian bride. Romance Compass is one of the first destinations you need to try.

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Romance Compass Review

Online dating websites can hardly surprise anyone these days, but most men looking for love online are looking for very specific things. One of the most popular online dating trends of the past few years is finding a girlfriend, bride, or wife from Russia, Ukraine, and other Slavic countries. There are hundreds of websites designed for bringing Western men closer to Slavic women, and today we present our Romance Compass review.

Romance Compass is a leading Russian and Ukrainian dating website. It has been around since 2011 and constantly introduces changes to its interface and features to deliver the highest quality of online dating services to thousands of its members. Find out whether RomanceCompass is as good as it seems at first glance!

How it works

Immediately after opening the Romance Compass website, you are greeted by a sign-up form and a slideshow highlighting the top features of the website, including video chat and the ability to send gifts. You can browse without a registration, but signing up for the website will only take you a few seconds, since you only need to specify your email, name, and password. To save even more time, you can sign in to Romance Compass using your Facebook account.

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If you scroll a little further, you will see a selection of female members of the website who are currently online and available for a text or video chat. You will also see their name and age, but, in order to get the rest of the information, you will need to open their complete profiles.

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Your personal profile at Romance Compass contains all the information and features you need to successfully find your Russian or Ukrainian partner: there you will have access to your messages, chats, interests, and search. Here you will also be able to add new photos to your profile and fill it in if you want other users to discover you by shared interests or other matching traits.


Who can you find there?

The easiest way to discover your true love among the members is to launch the gallery of ladies. However, the ladies in the gallery will be selected at random, which means it can take you a while to find the woman that matches your preferences.

You can maximize your chances of finding your ideal match by going to the search page and entering the desired parameters of the woman you’re looking for. Here at Romance Compass you can specify every major and minor detail, from body type and hair colour to ethnicity and religious views. You can also select members who are currently online, have video clips, or have recently updated their profiles. As soon as you click the ‘Show Matches’ button, you will see a selection of women who match your requests. From there, you can add a woman to your Favorites, send a message, start a video chat, or view her complete profile.


The complete profile will tell you everything you need to know about the woman. There is a standard questionnaire, additional photos and videos, as well as a description of who she is and who she is looking for on the Romance Compass dating site in her own words. You can get a pretty good sense of whether the woman is a good match for you.



In case you decide you want to get to know the woman closer, you have several options. The most effortless one is to show your interest by clicking on the heart icon. Other options include sending a message, starting a live video chat, or sending a gift to her.


Romance Compass gives you access to plenty of features for free — for example, you can browse the galleries, perform the search, and express your interest in a woman absolutely free of charge. However, if you want to take your use of the website to the next level and to be able to exchange messages and participate in video chats, you will need to have a certain number of credits in your account.

Credits at Romance Compass are available in several convenient packages ranging from 20 credits for $12 to 750 credits for $299. The more credits you are ready to purchase at a time, the cheaper each credit is going to be. Romance Compass accepts all major payment systems, including even Bitcoin.

romance compass dating site


Credits from your account are then spent on various features of the website. For example, 1 minute of live chat or live video will cost you just 1 credit, while requesting access to the woman’s contact information to continue your communication outside the website will deduct 25 credits from your account.

romance compass dating site



Like all respectable international dating websites, Romance Compass introduced advanced SSL encryption on every page to keep the sensitive personal and financial data of its members secure.

Additionally, Romance Compass has a complete guide on dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman in the lower part of the homepage. This guide contains helpful information on the differences in the mentality of Slavic and Western girls, what they are looking for in a man, and, most importantly, essential tips on identifying and avoiding an online dating scam.

Whenever you encounter any questionable activity at the Romance Compass — for instance, when a female member is asking you for money under false pretenses — you are encouraged to report the user to the site administration. Romance Compass does not tolerate scammers and will quickly take action to resolve the situation.