OkCupid Review

The OkCupid one of the most popular dating platform. But this dating platform doesn`t have the best structure and doesn`t provide quality services. Read OkCupid review and make the right choice!

Girls online: visits 301
Rate: rate 5.2
Visits today: visits 1451

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Our Verdict On OkCupid

img Interface star 5.1
img Audience star 4.6
img Prices star 5.9
img Safety star 5.0


If you are serious and ready to devote to the entire internet dating website, less or more you are all set to cover. Why? Well, though we have found people searching for relationships on OkCupid, people on paid dating sites are more inclined to search for a severe relationship as opposed to a casual hookup.

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OkCupid Review

Among the very few free websites that provides the exact features as the ones that are paid. It does not do too badly. While most free dating websites offer you generic profiles not to mention fake ones - OkCupid is one which you should not categorize together with the prior. 

Free dating websites end up being rather dodgy, filled with bogus accounts and distressed individuals. OkCupid stands out as a totally free dating website which is composed of actual Ok Cupid very similar to reputable paid dating websites, the majority of the time better. As one of their very popular free Ok Cupid, they're available to individuals of orientation, even more demanding than some relationship websites.


Making your profile might take a while as you are going to be taking into a more developed procedure. Ok Cupid creation is going to be written of wellthought out queries which will make your profile OkCupid.com up. Very similar to many paid websites, they have a compatibility feature which will be dependent on the questions that you've chosen for others to reply. 


Questions might differ from up political questions to personal preferences and also to abstract topics.  There's also an option which you could decide on the questions you've replied and also make prospective partners answer the exact same one also.  Afterwards, you may then obviously see the answers others have made unless they picked it to be personal, and it is also an alternative.

How it works

Nonetheless, there are dozens and dozens of queries on OkCupid. Even though it is not required to answer all them, it is highly suggested.  You could even answer a variety of questions instantly then return later and reply more.

There's a summary from the tiny box near their image that will indicate just how tightly you have matched, how frequently they respond to messages, if they're online or not, and naturally, you receive the essential details like place, gender, and age too. After you click on their profile, then you may then scroll down to obtain all their other particulars and tastes. Atop their profile page you'll be able to view their other photographs, the contrast of your compatibility queries have fit, and how distinct their character is rather than people of similar era to her/him.  


Results in the simple search could be regarded as large grade - there certainly are a range of profiles which appeared and a number of these weren't generic and quite respectable, unlike what many free websites provide.  The profiles which came back were nonetheless attractive ones, considerate, and fair men and women.  


There's an alternative where you can favored their OkCupid dating make yours concealed from them.  A bonus feature on the site is that, directly alongside their profile, it is possible to view a list of comparable profiles/users.  

Who can you find there?

After finishing your OkCupid dating now comes the interesting part - looking.  When hunting, you will have a lot of choices.  To begin with, you are able to search with the choice of looking through fundamental details like; gender, places, online status, ages, connection status, and photographs.  Still another, a more sophisticated search, is by looking according to their looks or character.  

ok cupid

Doing innovative search demands you to obtain the paid version of OkCupid however we do not find the demand for this since the simple search is extremely detailed and provides great results too. Results in the simple search could be regarded as large grade - there certainly are a range of OkCupid reviews which appeared and a number of these weren't generic and quite respectable, unlike what many free OkCupid reviews.  The OkCupid reviews which came back were nonetheless attractive ones, considerate, and fair men and women.


Additionally, very similar to Tinder, OkCupid provides a quickmatch choice where it is possible to indicate the profile of somebody you are interested in according to their page and photograph. Subsequently, they will get informed of your'mark' and they could either ignore you or you'll be able to get in touch when they enjoyed you back. 

ok cupid

 A good deal of dating websites do their own version of the quickmatch feature as it is a simpler and faster way of possibly meeting somebody without needing to read an whole profile. Obviously, whenever you see a person's page, they could realize that you've checked their Ok Cupid and you might also see who is viewed yours.  As an alternative, you may turn off this feature, but you won't have the ability to find out who visited your page, that's unless you are a paying member.