OkCupid Review

The OkCupid one of the most popular dating platform. But this dating platform doesn`t have the best structure and doesn`t provide quality services. Read OkCupid review and make the right choice!

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Our Verdict On OkCupid

img Interface star 5.1
img Audience star 4.6
img Prices star 5.9
img Safety star 5.0


If you are serious and ready to devote to the entire internet dating website, less or more you are all set to cover. Why? Well, though we have found people searching for relationships on OkCupid, people on paid dating sites are more inclined to search for a severe relationship as opposed to a casual hookup.

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OkCupid Review

It is an entirely free fitting service. Additionally, it is extremely accurate, provided that (a) you are fair, and (b) you understand exactly what you would like. We do not assert to appraise you but we do promise to find somebody who claims to meet your claimed needs, just.


Aside from the now-standard dating website fare (mails, instant messaging, picture galleries, journals, and lookup purposes ), OkCupid additionally offers its associates a"QuickMatch" attribute (minute fitting ), the ability to determine precisely where you and somebody else fit up (i.e. you are somewhat more literary than most people your age, or even among you're not as adventuresome ), the choice to get buddies'label' your Ok Cupid together with recommendations, a listing of comparable users to others or yourself, as well as the capability (after replying a particular number of queries ) to produce questions for everybody else to choose and match different users with. OkCupid Review

How it works?

Though not promoted, We discovered OkCupid, undoubtedly, the best to utilize to meet someone new when traveling. As an example, if we wished to utilize Match.com within my six months researching Western Europe, we needed to start accounts in each individual country, and then pay again to get accessibility. Together with OkCupid, we managed to rapidly change my place, standing and even era in a couple of seconds, and also have access to all in my accounts which we did before. OKCupid Review Where OkCupid shines is with the way people are able to differentiate themselves. Meaning, if you are within a open or polyamorous relationship, a few searching for a single individual to join, possess an abnormal or less-known faith, have particular needs, wish to join with all the LGBTQ+ community, or are somewhere along the transgendered continuum, you will come across some wonderful features here. OkCupid really makes all hteir members feel welcome, as long as everyone respects one another. OkCupid

Who can you find there?

There's not any cost whatsoever to utilize OkCupid, which makes it a completely free dating website. If you would like access to that Starred you (either blatantly by discovering Ok Cupid through the Locals attribute ), or in case you would like to switch off the"stalker" attribute (i.e. nobody can see if you have looked at their profile, or even vice versa), then you are going to need to cover $69.99/12 weeks USD. Nevertheless, you may use the website without paying a penny, such as contacting other members and answering quiz questions.

The Most Important Thing of Ok Cupid

We have personally used OkCupid because it began, and we have not met a great deal of people throughout the website, those I've (along with the friends we understand on it) have been well-matched in line with the mechanics set up. An enjoyable spot to hang out generating quizzes and seeing exactly how you rate with other individuals. We have never had a problem finding different users in my field (regardless of how little the demographic We have selected ) but it caters to the quirkier amongst people. So, Ok Cupid is recommended for singles searching for somebody exciting and new, for those desiring a different relationship (such as BDSM relationship or polyamory), or just as an enjoyable way to pass time. OkCupid The free dating marketplace is not quite as aggressive nevertheless as the subscription established landscape, but with the development of Tinder, things are shifting. In the United Kingdom, PlentyOfFish. However, with the development of OKCupid, the marketplace has welcomed a website which has optimized it has design and features over a span of several years in the usa and is presently taking the UK by storm. Really, against POF, the website looks like it's in a different league; glossy, slick and trendy.


This fashion is not only down to the overall look of the website either. Among those things our reviewers liked most about OKCupid was that the trendy and intriguing tone which the website has. It is a lively and quirky website in a sea of dull, dull dating sites. A good instance of that is the join procedure or, even more so, the OKCupid creation procedure. This is generally a listing of open ended questions which scare the socks off anxious singletons. With OKCupid, instead of facing a blank box and needing to conjure up a response for a query like"Write on your own personal strong points", users are rather asked fast, easy questions which populate OKCupid, which makes the process much less interview-like and much more enjoyable. , together with your"yes" or"no" checkbox response doing the hard work for you and mimicking something along the lines of"I am not a morning person" in your profile. This is a superb means to extract info for a relationship OKCupid, making sure you will receive more attention since there's more info about you. OK Cupid Despite all of this interesting stuff, the website may nevertheless be described as'no nonsense' because of the fact that it focuses only on the relationship experience and lacks some intriguing free features or written articles, like blogs. Having a site as popular as OKCupid, you would think this kind of item would be simple to add on the website by way of instance, which is possessed by precisely the exact same group, has many bloggers in addition to all sorts of different posts and information for the newbie dater to sift through.

Conclusion of OKCupid

There is no doubt that OKCupid is a dating website to be reckoned with. It is free of charge, more trendy than POF and may even bring a grin to your face using its quirkiness. But in the end of the day that this one comes down to personal taste. Do you would like a website that focuses on hunting and does not bother with accompanying content? Are you pleased to put up dates with those that aren't keen to pay a commission to improve their search for the love? As we said, OKCupid is mainly a totally free dating site and consequently does have a large number of members. For the reason together with the other advantages above, we would definitely recommend OKCupid as a totally free relationship choice to go together with the subscription websites you now use, especially if you're located in the united states or Canada at which the database size implies you would be mad not to give it the opportunity.