Mingle2 Review

Mingle2 ambitiously claims to be the best free dating website in the world, and we tend to agree. The variety of members is impressive and the free features provide for unlimited use of the website.

Girls online: visits 365
Rate: rate 5.8
Visits today: visits 1421

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Our Verdict On Mingle2

img Interface star 5.1
img Audience star 6.4
img Prices star 6.3
img Safety star 5.3


With a clean and easy interface, an admirable variety of female members, and an opportunity to use the website absolutely for free, we would recommend Mingle 2 to anyone who is looking for an online dating adventure, especially if you strive for a long term relationship. However, we would like to see more opportunities for interaction between the Mingle2 users — an option to send virtual or physical gifts or chat via webcam could have been nice additions to the already great functionality of the website.

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Mingle2 Review

There are hundreds of dating websites offering all kinds of romantic experiences, which is why it takes a lot for an average website to stand out. Some try to lure in members with exquisite features, while others promise the biggest selection of members.

The mingle2.com dating service decided to go another way. Currently, Mingle 2 is one of the most popular free dating websites in the world. The good news is that there is no catch — unlike many other dating platforms that make you pay for every message received or sent, Mingle2 allows you to communicate completely for free.

The Mingle2 reviews have been largely positive, although there have been some complaints of fake profiles and other occasional issues. We decided to make our own Mingle2 review, and here is what we have to say about it.

How it works

Even the homepage of the Mingle2 dating site makes no secret out of the website being free — in fact, it’s one of the first things you learn about the platform. You are immediately encouraged to sign up, and there is no option to look around before making the commitment.

The Mingle2 sign up form is very brief and you can fill it out in a matter of seconds. Among other things, you will be asked to specify your ZIP code. That way it will be easier for the Mingle 2 algorithms to find your matches.



After you create your free account, you will have a chance to provide more details about yourself. The final step of the Mingle2 registration process is choosing a profile photo. Although you can opt out of this step, you should know that profiles without photos rank lower in the search results and generally have fewer chances of attracting anyone’s attention.



Once the registration is completed, you can use your Mingle2 login to start looking for your matches. Great news for mobile users — instead of simply creating a mobile version of their website, Mingle 2 did one better and launched dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS, which you can download via links in the footer of the website.

Who can you find there?

One of the best things about Mingle2 is that they don’t limit their audience. Here you will find members from every possible location, although, according to many Mingle 2 reviews, there are significantly more Russian and Ukrainian women than ladies of other nationalities.

Before you can move on to meeting the women of Mingle2, you will need to complete a questionnaire about your appearance, personality, and dating goals.



There are several ways to discover the amazing members of Mingle 2. An innovative feature of the website is the Match feature, which will remind you of many popular mobile dating apps. With this feature, you will need to react with “yes” or “no” to photos of female members. If you vote “yes” on someone and they vote “yes” on your photo, you will be matched and will get a chance to communicate.

If you’re not a fan of random chance when it comes to something as serious as dating, you can use the search feature. There is a basic search, where you can specify the age range and location of the women, and an advanced search. The advanced search includes the same fields as you filled out before and allows you to filter members by their body type, marital status, and smoking and drinking habits.


mingle2 login

The results of your search will include the woman’s profile name and photo, as well as her age and location.



If you like what you see, open up her complete profile. Here you will find the woman’s additional photos, more information about her personality, and what she is looking for at Mingle 2. From here, you can also add her to your list, nudge her to indicate your interest, or send her a message through the mail.




The Mingle2 is one of the few free dating websites, but if you want to get access to its more advanced features, you will still need to pay. Mingle 2 offers a membership model, which is available for as little as $5.95 per month if you are ready to commit for 12 months.

A paid membership unlocks several important features, including the ability to browse in incognito mode, an opportunity to know whether your message has been read, as well as the chance to rank higher than other members in the search results, increasing your visibility for the women. However, we found that even without a paid membership you can get the full Mingle2 experience.

mingle2 reviews



We’ve spent a long time browsing the Mingle 2 dating site and haven’t found anything suspicious about the website or the members. All members seem genuine, but you should always stay alert for any illegal activity anyway.

There are no safety guides on the website, but you can contact the customer support with any queries. Plus, there is a detailed FAQ section and a forum, where you can get help from the website administrators and fellow users. All data on Mingle2 is safely encrypted.