Finals of the Digital Knowledge Transfer Contest Postponed

The final round of the Digital Knowledge Transfer contest has been postponed. The onsite round should have been held in Moscow in early April, and now the contestants have to wait the end of the epidemic.

19 March 2020 saw the bottom line of the 1st round of Digital Knowledge Transfer – 2020 international contest of teaching excellence for teachers from Russian schools abroad. This year, the contest engaged more than 220 teachers from 40 countries across all continents – Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. The shortlist was comprised by 26 best teachers from 14 countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Palestine, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Estonia.

The primary goal of the contest is to enhance the social and professional status of teachers from Russian schools abroad, to discover, support and incentivise the talented educators from Russian schools abroad who develop and implement the educational methods and aids in the field of HR training for the digital economy. While participating in the contest, the teachers share experience with their peers from different countries, get unique opportunities to proliferate their teaching methodologies and aids via the digital technology.

This is the 2nd time Rossotrudnichestvo has arranged the Digital Knowledge Transfer international contest of teaching excellence; last year saw 102 applications, with three teachers from India, Turkey, and Kazakhstan claiming the victory.

As officially declared and recommended by Rossotrudnichestvo, the final tests of the contest and the winner award ceremony will take place after the restrictions are lifted due to the threat of proliferating the new COVID-19 coronavirus disease.

The time and duration of the final events is to be announced.

The mission of Rossotrudnichestvo is to secure Russian geopolitical interests by promoting cultural exchange, education and new technologies as well as to build strong relations and cooperation worldwide at the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and sustainability. The events are held as part of the federal project Human Resources for Digital Economy in line with the national programme Digital Economy of the Russian Federation.

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