Replication of best practices in the use of electronic educational resources

Project participants: school students, executives, educators and other employees of Russian schools abroad having access to the Internet.

When: September-December 2019 г.

26-27 September: Kick-Off Workshop in Kyrgyzstan
30 – 31 October: Kick-Off Workshop in Kazakhstan

Project objectives:

  • events involving school students and teachers of Russian schools abroad (webinars, conferences and workshops, online conferences, contests, etc.;
  • training of school students, teachers and executives of Russian schools abroad under the customised programmes using the e-learning resources of Stemford for management of classroom and after-hours activities;
  • online advanced training programme for teachers in the management of project-based and research work of school students in the intramural and mixed formats (including with the use of e-learning resources offered by the online platform);